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Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 10:09 pm
by SirPostAlot
okay, there have been a lot of topics about these (hair removal and razor burn) and i feel it is one of those topics that you cannot have too personal of a topic ~ its idol curiosity about how to remove hair and deal w/ razor burn . . .

Please make your remarks HERE. All of the hair removal - razor burn related topics that can and will fit in here will be closed with a hyperlink to this specific topic. It is not necessary to bombard the forum with the same questions. I am not a master at these topics, so this is what i am asking:

Please post your advice here for these topics. Any advice you have will be apprechaited. This is not to ask questions about it, but to give advice.

After we have a plethora of resources, I will go through and put a hyperlink into each topic in these forums.

If you have a specific topic that is unanswered in this topic, then feel free to ask, i am just asking you to please read through this beforehand.

Thank You! :)


Re: Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:06 pm
by InnocenceLost57
Just a recommendation, for those of you who get horrid razor burn (like me!) I use dipilatories (sp?) and have tried a few different ones.

At first I went with Nair, which took forever, smelled horrid, and didn't work THAT well, but better than nothing.

Then I tried Veet, and have loved it ever since - it's quicker and more effective. Everyone I've talked to who's tried both has said the same thing.

If you get veet, the canister says no longer than 6 minutes - but I leave it on usually closer to 8 or 9 minutes, it works better, sometimes even 10. If you feel any burning tho, rinse it off! I know a guy who got a chemical burn from Nair.....on his nipple. Lmao. He "can't STAND body hair." Too bad he didn't have time to wax. ^_^

Just some advice if you're looking to try any of the creams.

Re: Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 1:00 pm
by Lena
If you don't use shaving cream (or can't be bothered with it, like me) a little conditioner, moisturiser or baby oil all make good substitutes. :)

Re: Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 3:41 pm
by Fishhead
Would directly putting aloe vera on the razor burn help? I just thought maybe because some shaving creams even contain aloe so I thought that might help

Re: Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 4:22 pm
by Lena
It could help - its soothing, cooling and aids healing, so it wouldn't do any harm (unless you're allergic to it, LOL). Its worth a try. :)

Re: Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 6:03 pm
by Fishhead
I don't have much of a problem with razor burn anyways. I'm too lazy to bother with shaving cream or anything.. I use conditioner if my legs are dryer than usual.. I just figured I would put the idea out there for anyone who may need it.

Re: Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 7:37 am
by The Black Hat
Hey guys (and girls), I got something I know for a fact you all are going to love!

For a while now, I've been searching for a good razor to trim my intimate area. Hair down there is not something I am really fond of (I know, a lot of us arn't). So I've been searching for a great way to remove the hair safely.

Being a guy, it's slightly harder for us and a little more nerve wrecking when shaving. Especially around the scrotum and along the penis.

Now guys, I know you've felt the bite before. You know what I am talking about. It sucks, doesn't it?

About two weeks ago I purchased a specialized razor designed specifically for the shaving of intimate areas.

Bodworx Intimate Area Shaver

I was skeptical. Really, I was. Everytime I shave, I nick myself somewhere. Over time, I've nicked everything. Not fun, believe me. So when I tried this, I was expecting to feel the well-known bite. I didn't nick myself at all. I was able to remove all of the hair on my scrotum, penis, and surrounding areas for a nice soft silky feel. This thing WORKS. I can't say enough about it. You don't need any shaving cream, lotion, none of it. This thing WORKS!

Your wallet will feel a little pinch ($60.00) but trust me, you will be fully satisfied. I am no longer nervous when I shave down there. It's quick, safe, and does the best job (second only to a wax [Ill pass on that]).

The site is a little cheesy but it is an actual store, safe, and reliable. :) :rolleyes:

No burns, nicks, blood, flawless tool this is! Enjoy!

Re: Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 1:10 pm
by Trapped
Aren't you suppose to avoid using dipilatories on perianal (or whatever it says). Can you? And besides, I wouldn't mind the waxing down there, only I can't find a salon that will do it...

Re: Official: Hair Removal/razor Burn Guide

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:40 pm
by sunshine daydreamer
I get really bad razor burn when I shave just using shaving cream. But I found this GREAT product that is specifically for shaving your bikini area. It's called 'Anti-Bumps Shave Gel' from Bikini Zone. It's a green gel that softens the hair for a closer, less irritating shave. It's nice because unlike most shaing creams it doesn't lather up so you can still see what you're doing (if you have a fancy design down there). It has little beads in it so it feels a little gritty but other than that it works great. I'm able to shave practically every other day without irritation, when I could only shave once a week before.