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Birth Stories

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 6:46 pm
by FranklinF
Okay Mom's and Dad's.

Post your birth stories.

They can be as detailed as you like.

I think it would be a benefit to a number of people; people who think they want kids, people who are about to have kids, and also people who are just plain curious.

If possible I would love to hear some dad's sides of the story too.

Re: Birth Stories

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 2:25 pm
by FranklinF
I guess I will start.

I was 40+ Weeks. at my last Dr.'s visit. He said we could go ahead and induce, because my little guy just wasnt budging. My cervix was completely closed and though he had dropped nothing was going on in the contraction department.

On Weds. I went in at 7:00 pm to be induced, they didnt have my room ready and said i should go home and wait for them to call. I was not about to do that, i knew they would call about an hour later saying that they were rescheduling for the next day or something. I wanted him out. We waited for three hours before they actually had a room ready and then another two to be admited and start the medicine.

At midnight they put Cervidil in, it is like a pill they put up "there" to soften your cervix. That wasn't uncofortable it was the not being able to move while it was in. They only left it in for a couple of hours and it started doing its stuff after it was out I was having small contractions and was 1 cm dialated. After a very short rest they started Pitocin (synthetic horomone to make you start contracting regularly. at 7 am. it worked well. i was up to 3 cm by ten am, which is when the nurse "accidently" broke my water. Ok I'm not as mad about that as I seem, she was going to check my cervix and I told her to hang on I was having a particularly large contraction, and it really sucks to be checked at any time let alone during a contraction. So she didn't wait and out comes a gush of water the second she got in there to check, I imidiately say "Damn it, you just broke my water" right after that my BF got sick.... The contractions really picked up and most of the rest of the time I was blacking out from pain. I had two shots of nubane, one shot of something else and finally at three I met the Epidural man. The epidural was lovely, no pain with the shot or the contractions. i was able to focus and have minor conversations mostly i just slept. at 6:50 the room crowded with nurses and equipment. i started pushing at 7:10 and damion was out with three pushes. I needed an episiotomy, (where they snip some skin between your vagina and anus, to prevent tearing)

damion was so handsome, and for all the troubles i had during pregnancy was worth it, i dont know what id do without his father. and even more i dont know what id do without him.

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Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 2:18 am
by sweetcakes
Well, my son is now almost 8 months old but i still remember it all lol. I enjoyed my pregnancy so much. I loved having a baby belly, i love feeling him kick i mean just everything about it was awesome. Well when it came time to push my little boy out, it wasen't as pleasent lol. My contractions started at about 12:00am. I was laying in my bed getting ready to fall asleep. I was saying goodbye to my boyfriend at that time, who which was the daddy. Right before i said goodbye i felt it. It didn't hurt too bad but i knew what it was. I had many false alarms and they were right when its time, you know it lol. But it took about 10 or 20 minutes before my contractions were 5 minutes apart. I lived with my mom and we both were so excited! We rushed to the hospital only to find out that he wasen't coming any time soon. I was there for what seemed to be like forever waiting for the time for them to tell me to start pushing. Well with me only being 17 i had a high risk pregnancy and they said that i had been in labor way to long and they would have to make him come. so they stuck a little plastic stick up there which looking like a crowshaying (sp?) needle and popped my water. and omg that was the nastiest feeling i have ever felt lol having all that slowly running out of you. ew. but maybe about an hour or so after that is when i had to start pushing, i had the epidural so to be honest i didnt feel a thing. It was no big thing to me. But i'm also very good with pain. Well my beautiful baby popped out at 3:44pm that next day weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce..yeah he was a big boy and still is lol. it wasent the labor and deff the pregnancy that was the worst. it was afterwards. i bled forever! when i woke up in the morning it looked like someone had been chopped into little pieces on my bed. it was so horrible, and thats when the pain set in. ugh! But i must say that i do not regret it one bit, because i love my baby and wouldnt trade that experiance for anything in this world. sadly, i now have cervical cancer and im not sure if i can ever experiance that again :(. but atleast i have one beautiful baby out of it all lol.


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Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 4:21 pm
by InnocenceLost57
Just had to say - that is the cutest baby EVER! He seems to have such character in the pictures. You have a gorgeous son!


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Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 11:58 pm
by sweetcakes
^^ thank you! of course he's cute...he's mine lol j/k

but thanks a lot though

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Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 1:48 am
by Fishhead
He's SO cute!

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Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 5:56 pm
by FranklinF
i'd also like to add if you have any questions please post them.

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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:13 pm
by Beautiful

I was at a friends house around 6 pm on Thursday Feb 8th.

My contractions started up and I just thought they were braxin hix contractions so I ignored them.

Around 9 I went to the bathroom and noticed I was spotting a little bit. So I started to time them, they were about 6 minutes appart. I ended up telling Josh. They were getting a little bit stronger so I went back home since it was a half hour drive.

I waited till around 10:30 to tell my mom. She didn't believe me. She said wait till 11 then we'll make a decision. Well 11 came around, and I wasn't in much pain but the contractions were every 4 minutes. She still didn't believe me becuase I could walk and talk just fine. It pissed the hell out of me so I basically told her fuck off and I was getting my boyfriends mom to drive. So my mom said fine we'll go but your not in labor..

I got to the hospital around midnight and, well. I was definently in labor. Dialated at 4 almost 5 cms.

They got me into a labor & delievery room, and I called some people. The nurse broke my water around 2 am. It was so discusting. The baby ended up having a bowl movment when the water broke so there was an internal moniter on his head. They wouldn't let me walk around or anything. It hurt a lot. But not that much where I needed medicine. I ended up dialting like another 3 cms in like, 10 minutes. Yeahhhhhh, that hurt.

i pushed for 10 minutes and he came at 4:32.. I dont remember him screaming or anything, i went off in a totally diffrent world or something. I guess they cut me then i tore even more, and got a 4th degree tear, which is the worst you can get. I was getting stitched up for 45 minutes. It sucked.


I named the baby Travis Michael.

He weighed 7 pounds 6 ozs, and was 20.5 inches long. :]

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Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 12:56 am
by Saren
I'll definitely have to give you all my story when I have more time. Only I have to tell you, it was a C-Section, so it'll be a bit different.


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Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 4:57 pm
by FranklinF
all birth stories are welcome the idea is to point out how many different ways there are to having a baby and how you have to choose the one thats right for you... plus im addicted to reading them

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Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 7:32 pm
by Beautiful
its for your own twisted entertainment, adddddddmit it!!! :P

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Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 12:05 pm
by FranklinF
not twisted... i just find them interesting the road to becoming a parent is sooo very different for every person

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Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 12:12 pm
by Lena
LOL. Me too. I find them interesting and I'm addicted to reading them, too.

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Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:52 pm
by Saren
All right. Heeere goes. Though I did share with Jamie a bit of mine before :P Here's for the rest of you <3

Okey doke. Well my due date had passed, and that was the 22nd of February. Here I am going to my appointment for the 26th, hoping for some sort of news of when they could tell me to go in. What they could tell me was going on with my baby (In which I didn't know was a girl). My mother thought that I had been going in for a C-Section, and actually thought I'd be going in that very day. That morning- about six- I woke up from some cramping in my stomach. I thought maybe I'd been dehydrated, so I drank some water. It went away for a few minutes. Then it would come back here and there. I kept up with the water...

Anywho, before my appointment, I thought maybe I had felt some sort of trickle while in my dining room, only I wasn't sure. I told my boyfriend I'd be right back, and went into the bathroom... (Yes, entertaining lol) Going to that appointment that day had been my boyfriend Kyle, my sisters Mary and Dawn (Dawn- who had her baby not too long ago too. In January), and my mother. Kyle's mother met me at the doctor's with a present already o.O, a girl's one. Even though I'd told people I would rather wait until after to be completely sure. She always thought herself to be right, like with a lot of things. Anyway, they all sat out in the waiting room, and I had gone through going to the very top floor to have the appointment, and then the ultra-sound after. But they ended up switching me to going back downstairs, since it would make more sense to see my doctor afterwards.

Going through the ultra-sound, I found out she still wasn't low enough, though she was positioned downward. The woman gave me the paperwork (After being dizzy from laying too long), and I saw a spot on them that said something about low... whatever. Kyle knew, and told me that meant I had low amniotic fluid. I just shrugged it off, went out to the waiting room, and headed upstairs where I was hooked to a monitor to check for contractions. None. Then I was scheduled to meet with my doctor straight after. She checked my cervix, and told me I hadn't been dilated still. That the baby was still up there and not quite low enough. She had also told me that I pretty much had no fluids left, and asked if I remember my water breaking that day at all. I hadn't. She looked at me and said, "So you know what that means, right?" Shaking my head, she goes on, "You have to have a C-Section. That baby has to come out. Because what's wrong is you have no fluids left, and the baby needs those fluids to survive. What we're going to do is send you in to the hospital today, and they'll hook you up." My mother sat in the appointment with me, as did Kyle. So everyone else waited. I was nervous as EVER. She told me since I ate something that day at about eight in the morning, I would have to wait eight hours until the operation to make sure there was no food in my system, so nothing would come up during.

We went out and told everyone else- or so I did. We were all trying to plan on what to do. My mother was going to go back to my house to get my papers and such, and Kyle's mother was going to bring me to the hospital, and everyone else was going to meet me there after being hooked up and the such. I really wish my mother brought me that day. My doctor wanted me to go straight there, but Kyle's mother decided she wanted a coffee at Dunkin Donuts, and wasn't going to leave the Dunkin' parking lot until Kyle would go back inside and have them fix it to be extra light o.O That wasn't where it ended. She drove to a convenience store to get cigarettes, but had Kyle go in at that time too. I wanted to get to the hospital before everyone else. Luckily my doctor's office was in the same town as the hospital, and these places where too. Yet, I was eager and nervous at the same time. A whole bunch of mixed things.

FINALLY I got to the hospital, and they hooked me up, asked me questions, and I waited for my mother to get there. When she did, they allowed me to have her, my sister, Kyle, and Kyle's mother in the room (Which made me upset because she brought in food, and I wasn't going to have food or anything to drink for the rest of the day pretty much). First they had scheduled me to go in at four, because that would have been eight hours after eating. Keeping in touch with people at my house by phone (My father had a back surgery last month, and he couldn't go too many places. Though he WOULD be by later with my other sisters, especially the one that was already at my appointment earlier with her daughter), unfortunately that day to have been scheduled two more times. They moved it then to five. The catheter was uncomfortable, but luckily that discomfort had gone by four. I just couldn't take the waiting. They told me since it "wasn't an emergency" it was "okay to get bumped a couple times." Even though we HAD to get her out.

The woman that would help deliver (Not my original doctor, but a woman that she works with) came in at some point to check my cervix, and she said I had been 1 CM dilated. She described to me that I would have had a low chance in having a normal delivery, and I would have had a very hard time, since the low fluids would have caused me to have dry birth.

We kept checking with the doctors to make sure the times hadn't changed. Then finally, it was changed to six fifteen. I hadn't gone in exactly at that time, but it was around it. The anesthesiologist had described to me the procedure before-hand so I knew what was going to be done to me. It was pretty scary, the waiting. When they gave Kyle scrubs to be in there with me, putting one of those hats on my head too, I knew that it was close. People had cameras ready. Kyle was taking in my mother's camera and his brother's girlfriend's (UNfortunately. Today I'm not having good connections with her, and neither his brother. Long story). A couple of the nurses had come in to take me to the operating room, everyone having to leave. Kyle had to wait to come in so they could prepare.

Sitting me on the table, they had me lean over and hug a pillow, while one of the women held me to the front so I woldn't fall, and the anesthesiologist could poke into my back. He told me that I was to expect a stinging for five seconds, only come to find, it wasn't as bad as I thought, and he said. Afterwards, he had to poke me over and over with an epidural (I think). I was SO sure I'd fall off the table.

Moving on, when done, they layed me down, and got Kyle into the room (The room was so cold, but it had to be) They had put the curtain over me, and I waited until the numbness completely took over. That is when I got sick and puked a few times. They had to keep switching towels under my head. Kyle had to be kept to the left side of me, and my arms were spread to each side. The curtain practically covered up to my neck. The doctors were great that day. Five minutes in, the anesthesiologist asked, "Is it okay if they start?" And I said yes. He was like, "That's okay. They already started five minutes ago." I was like, "Really?!" And he answered with, "Yes. They were poking around to make sure you couldn't feel anything." I thought it was funny, personally, which I knew he thought I'd think it was.

The doctors were great. They made me laugh, and feel better. As did Kyle to my side. The operation didn't take long. Before I knew it, after feeling only my body tugging side to side, the anesthesiologist said to me, "You'll have a baby here in five minutes or less." I looked at Kyle and asked him how he was feeling. He told me "Scared as hell." I just smiled. Nervous throughout the whole thing.

They then told me to expect some pressure on my chest, because that would help get the baby out. I did feel a WHOLE lot of pressure, but I wasn't caring, because I was so nervous and scared. They then told Kyle that there was a head poking up so far, and he could lean over to see it. He got excited and said, "Really?!" And they gave him the go ahead, even though he was already popped up and peeking over. He was amazed, I could tell. So not long after, they said the baby would be out in seconds. Pulling her out, they said what the ultra-sound had said about a girl was right! I was all excited. I heard crying here and there. And I looked to the side, trying to peek past the curtain as far as I can, and they allowed Kyle over to take pictures.

The part I hated was that I didn't get to see her long. They wiped her up, wrapped her, and brought her to me to give her a kiss on her head, though I got partially her eyelid, and that was mucus-like still. I didn't care about that either. I let it stay on my lips, because I was so happy. Kyle went with the nurse that had to take her to nursery to do further things, I suppose. I don't really know what. I was upset because they took her two minutes later, it seemed. That was only because they had to stitch me up. The thing about the nursery is, the waiting room for the Maternity Ward has a window you can see through to the Nursery, and everyone else was able to see her before me. For about twenty minutes or a half hour. Because everyone was getting pictures and seeing her more. I was too eager for them to end the stitching and such. When they were finally done, they switched me onto the bed, and after the nurse asked how I was, I told her that I was a bit upset because I didn't get to see my daughter much, and everyone else was seeing her longer. I knew it. That I wished we could have shown everyone together, and the curtains could have been shut before anyone COULD see. She said she didn't find that fair either.

After they switched me to the bed, they brought me back to my room, and gave it a half hour before anyone could see me. My daughter had been brought in to me minutes after settling in my room. They just had to finish up questions and give me time to recover.

People came in and out, of course my parents first. They were wonderful with her. Still are. <3 Especially my dad, who was upset about my situation in the first place and wouldn't talk about it until LATER in the prengnancy. I got emotional seeing them with her, and my sisters. Kyle's brother and girlfriend- eh. I didn't care much about (As mean as that sounds- they annoy me). At about ten or eleven they left. I have pictures and all. <3 I got to spend some time with my daughter, and the things I felt, I couldn't describe. I never stop thinking about that day. EVERYday I think about it, and today I think it's a wonder to be a mom, as tired as I get day after day. I can admit, I'd do it again.

If I have more to add, I'll add later. Autumn (My daughter) and I are going to get our pictures done. :)

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Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 2:25 pm
by RockNpUnKchic123
Ok. Well I suppose my question is for those who had a natural birth. How bad was the "tear" that you received from giving birth, and how difficult was it to deal with afterwards. And how long did it take to heal?

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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 12:44 am
by Beautiful
I got a 3rd degree tear, which means, it ripped allll the way threw the muscle. He came out with his hand by his head like he was sleeping, so they cut me, and i tore even more.

Honestly, it was a hella lot more painful then actual birth&delivery, the stitches i mean.

it took a couple weeks to heal, fully heal about a month and a half, but i had over 80 stitches.

it was really hard to deal with. just becuase the pain was so bad afterwards for a couple weeks.

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:25 pm
[quote name='RockNpUnKchic123;493794']Ok. Well I suppose my question is for those who had a natural birth. How bad was the "tear" that you received from giving birth, and how difficult was it to deal with afterwards. And how long did it take to heal?[/quote]

I didn't tear, but my doctor did cut me to help him come out..

It didn't hurt at all when she did it cause she numbed the area.. yay for drugs lol.

But the first few weeks at home hurt a bit... sitting down was very very uncomfortable lol.

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:40 pm
Some of Logans birth..

We went in for my doctors appointment November 30th 7:30 a.m?(his due date) My doctor checked me out and told us that my blood pressure was high and she wanted to do an nst test ( I was barely 1 cm dialated at that point.)..

So we went down the hall for that? took about an hour..

They monitored my blood pressure and Logan's heart rate + my contractions..

And then we were told to walk around for a few hours until my doctor got the results and talked them over with the labor and delivery doctor..

When my doctor finally came back out she asked Allen and I if we would like to have Logan sometime that weekend.. We both said yes right away and she told us that they were going to enduce labor because my blood pressure was causing the baby?s heart rate to drop..

So we went over to labor and delivery around 11:30 a.m. I changed into the robe, and the doctor inserted the pill to enduce labor?

We called my friend Lizzy, and she was there during everything (she now says i gave her the best birth control for the next few years lol.)

It took about 19 hours for me to dialate to 10 cm? and then about 3 hours of pushing..(his head kept going back in) So the doctor decided to cut me to help him come out..

And our little man was finally here on December 1st 2007 6:21 a.m.


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Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 7:29 pm
by Kit
Ethan Matthew Eddis was born Sept. 15, 2008 at 7:32 am. Weighed 8lbs 8 oz and was 20 inches long. I was only in labor for 3 hours.

At 430am my water broke, I thought it was going to take forever so I decided to take a shower - that didn't work cause as soon as the water hit my belly I started contracting and contracting every 2 minutes. Matthew had to help me out of the shower cause I couldn't breathe and then took forever getting me dressed enough to get me to the hospital. We got to triage at 630 only dialated to 3(where I've been stuck at for over a month) and at 640 they were rushing me to labor and delivery. They asked to give me an epi and I said yes cause I was having "back labor" and they kept restraining me on my back. sooner did the nurse walk out of the room to get the dr for the epi - I was starting to crown(no dr.). I called out that he was coming and she rushed in and put her hand there to keep the baby from coming out and told the dr "the baby is already crowning and that is no lie! This baby iza coming" by the time the dr. ran into the room and got one glove on(rushing like a mad man too), Ethan's head was out, then when he got his second glove half way on - Ethan was already in his arms at 732 am. All the while I was being told "DONT PUSH" and I'm yelling back "I'M NOT G-D DAMN IT!" So yea - all natural(no thanks to lack of time), no pain meds, and I didn't tear or need to be cut(though I didn't have time for that either). Spent 3 days, 2 nights in the hospital cause I needed a blood transfusion and now I'm here at home. :D I'll put pictures up as I get them. :)