Any One Believe in

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Any One Believe in

Post by careyjonz95 » Thu Dec 25, 2008 5:35 am

Government Conspiracy?

I think that the Sheeple of America are just following the conspiracy of the Government...

Kinda like the deal with Halloween (the present day version)...

it's made by the candy companies in hopes to boost sales and profits...

Here are some good vids to watch if you are knowledgeable of the conspiracy :::

Video No. 1

Video No. 2

Video No. 3

Video No. 4

Video No. 5

Video No. 6


the steps she takes,

the blinks he does in a minute,


[LEFT]I know how it feels to hurt,

and your only comfort to be a piece of steel...

when did it all come crashing down?

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