Being Alone(tell Me What You Think)

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Being Alone(tell Me What You Think)

Post by etoiledefootball » Tue Jan 21, 2003 6:24 pm

The ocean water drove towards my spot on the beach were I sat waiting. I saw movement a little further down the beach. I walked towards the person and as I walked towards them they started walking away as I caught up to them they turned. Her face as beautiful as millions of nights filled with stars. The beautiful blue orbs inside her eyes shone their light upon my face. She touched my skin and I leaned into kiss her sweet lips I closed my eyes. My lids slid open and I was staring at the white of my ceiling, my heart pounding. It was a dream, I felt like crying. How could it be a dream? Her beauty was too vivid. I sat there in awe of the dream I just had. I was almost in love except for I didn?t hear her voice.

I got up and took my shower and got dressed. As I looked up at the sky I thought of the girl in my dream. Her beauty far exceeded my comprehension. When she looked at me in the dream I felt her eyes burn a hole through my heart. As the day went on I sat on my porch with my jaw hanging open hoping for something to do. As this thought crossed my mind the phone rang. It was one of my friends he told me there was a party at his house and to come because the new girl would be there. I thought it would be okay to go.

That night I jumped into my car and drove to the house a very beautiful place on the water. As I walked up to the door I could hear the music. I reached the door and rang the bell. My friend Trevor gave me an unusually firm embrace. "What was that for Trev?" I said. "There is this new girl here man and you should see her she is absolutely beautiful." He responded. I walked around the party for a bit but soon made my escape to the back porch. The pot smoke in the place drove me nuts.

As I sat on the porch I looked out onto the lake. The lake's water was swaying making the dock wobble along with the boat tied on. I sat there for a few minutes until I saw this girl down a few deck chairs from me. I walked down the row of chairs to the girl. As I said hello she turned. I was almost knocked off of my feet. It was the girl from my dream. "Hello" she said. Her smile was insanely comforting. I couldn't speak; her very presence choked my voice box.

I looked at those eyes the two sapphires shining. I sat next to her. "What is your name?" I managed to choke out. "Sarah" she said in a voice as sweet as the tastiest candy. "That is such a pretty name" I said. "Thank you. What is yours?" she questioned. "D-d-drew" I managed to fight through the stutter. "I've got to go. I hope to see you again" she said. "You can bet on it" I said in amazement. How could she be here? She is in my dreams. How is it true? I never thought I would see such beauty for real. I watched the stars hoping to see her again. I hoped for love.

I didn?t see her before school started. That very day when I walked into school I had mixed emotions would she remember me? If she did, would she still be sweet? I sat down in my first period study hall. My last year of high school has begun. I sat with my head lying on the desk in the boring room I came to call ?Mrs. Stevens Lair? when the door opened and in walked Sarah. When I said her name my stomach twisted. I was in love, really in love. When I saw her walk towards me and sit in the seat next to me I thought my heart would skip a beat. The feelings she brought to me were incensed with love and warmth. When she turned to me and whispered ?Wow, it is you. I was hoping I would be in classes with you?. I whispered back ?Yeah, same here?. It was going great until the loudspeaker clicked on. ?Would Drew Aldrich and Scott Tempols go to the Athletic Director Mr. Eriksson??

Scott and I waltzed to the office hoping for good news. I walked back to class with a slip in my hand concerning a tournament Scott and I were invited to. Let me tell you Scott and I are two of the best soccer players around these parts. I have been offered so many scholarships but no school has jumped out at me. This tournament was different though there were going to be college and professional scouts. This could be my big break any college could be there. Maybe I will accomplish something in life I could become a writer or a soccer star, doors are opening for me now. I have always loved soccer, but writing has always been my fancy. It?s all I had in my hard times and when I needed to talk to someone the paper was better than people. Whenever I was heartbroken I always turned to my pen.

That ballpoint I had for the past ten years was my key to happiness. When the ink came out of the tip of that pen it was magic. When I was bored if I could find a piece of paper and my favorite pen I was okay. As I sat down with a grin on my face Sarah asked ?Why are you so happy?? ?Nothing? I responded ?Nothing at all?

That weekend as I strutted around the house thoughts ran through my head. Thoughts of college, writing, and soccer. My heart skipped a beat every time my hand touched a pen for the next few weeks. Every time I went on the internet I looked for new ideas for topics in English. My favorite class by far. As the weeks went on my hate for school dissipated and my joys of life helped me wake up in the morning. When I walked into English I was surprised to see Sarah there smiling at me. I sat next to her. ?Hi Drew.? She said. ?Hey Sarah, why are you here?? I queried. ?I got my classes switched.? She responded. Quietly I let out an exaggerated ?YES!? as I slumped down into my chair. ?Silence, everyone I will now give you your grades if you all did not need reassurance of your illiteracy as it is.? Mr. Hantefont said.

As he neared my desk he said ?Ah, Mr. Aldrich yet another beautiful piece of writing. The only person to maintain a hundred percent average in my class in 20 years.? I responded ?Well Mr. H you know I love the literary arts.? Sarah?s voice came into my ear ?How do you do it?? She said. ?Elementary, My dear Watson. I have natural flow.? I joked. ?I got a ninety on this one.? She said ?Could you give me some tips?? She added. ?You don?t need it you did great? I said. ?Sure.? She uttered sarcastically.

That day I left English grinning ear to ear I did well on yet another paper. My day was awesome until I looked down the hall and saw one thing. Sarah was crying. I walked down to her. ?What?s wrong?? I whispered as I wiped the tears off her cheeks. ?I heard some girls talking about me. They called me nasty stuff.? She choked through the tears. I touched her face softly. ?Don?t cry. People have it worse.? I said. We finished talking in the hall and I went to soccer practice. I couldn?t concentrate my mind was stuck on Sarah. When I got home there he was. My dad drunk and stoned he stood there. ?Whe-re h-av-e you been?? He stammered. ?I was at soccer? I said as I walked to my room. ?G-get back here? He choked. ?No? I said and kept walking. He chased me down the hall stumbling the whole way and he punched me in the back of the head.

I laid there bleeding out of my head as he stumbled away mumbling something about me being useless. The threshold going into my room had a potent mix of blood, saliva and tears on it. I got up still crying and fell into my room. I lay on the floor in pain until I heard my phone ring. I picked up and said in a weepy voice ?Hello?. ?Drew, what?s wrong?? said a voice I knew, it was Sarah. ?I picked up a cold, what do you need?? I said still partially crying. ?I wanted to know if you were doing anything tonight.? She said sounding nervous. ?Yeah, I?m going to be going out? I said lying I didn?t want her to see my head. The blood still dripped out of the wound. ?I have to go? I said and hung up. I laid there on my bed for the rest of the night crying because of the pain. I woke up the next morning with no idea I was going to face my nightmare again.

As I woke up I walked into the kitchen and saw my dad sitting there. He glared at me as I walked by. I walked up to my mom and kissed her on the cheek. ?I?ll be home later mom? I said. ?Ok see you later? She said. I walked out the door and jumped into the car. As I drove to soccer practice I went by Sarah?s house and thought about her all the way to practice. When I got to practice I saw the J.V. warming up and then I saw all my Varsity friends. I saw Scott practicing free kicks. Kielty was practicing his bicycle kicks and Chris was just shooting. Chris is my best friend; he has been since first grade. We have had so much fun together.

That day after practice Coach Eriksson called me over. ?Aldrich you are the best player I have ever coached and I need you to leave your essence with me.? He said. ?I don?t understand Coach. What are you saying?? I asked. ?Be the Captain of my team and lead us to victory.? He said as he thrust the Captain?s band to my chest. ?Thanks, I guess.? I said and walked away grinning. I got in my car and started driving home when I saw Sarah?s house.

I walked up to the door and started to knock but the door opened before my hand could rap the door. There she was in all her beauty smiling at me. Her lips looked so smooth and I looked her in the eyes. I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. I loved embracing her like I was, it was magic. Little did I know magic wears off quickly.

Riding in my car I came to the same turn I had made perfectly over and over. As I came around all I saw was another car coming straight at me. We hit. My head crashed of the steering wheel so quickly all I saw was a bloody steering wheel. I felt no pain. I closed my eyes and waited for the spinning to stop. When it seemed to have stopped I slid my eyelids open slowly. All I could see was blood dripping from the floor of my car. As my eyes adjusted to everything I realized I was upside down as I looked through my windshield I saw the other driver lying in the road not moving. I

unbuckled my seat belt and hit the roof of my car with a bang on my neck. I crawled out of the wreck through the gaping hole in my driver?s side window. As I slowly dragged myself over to the body of the other driver I looked at his eyes they were so cold like glass marbles. As the truth dawned on me my body turned cold. ?He is dead.? I softly whispered to myself. At that I blessed his body. As I turned my body gave out and my arms could drag me no longer and I collapsed.

I lay there for what seemed like forever until I drifted off. I guess no one comes around this corner usually because it seemed quiet this morning. I wasn?t fully conscious because I didn?t hear the people yelling to me. I was so lost and confused. I felt very tired but once I started to fall asleep the people would yell at me ?You can?t sleep?. So I followed their advice. I lay there bleeding, tired and cold. I just wanted for the first time since I turned thirteen to be at home.

I opened my eyes and was at a beach. The water was enveloping my feet. I felt a soft touch on my shoulder that slipped to my neck. As I turned there stood Sarah. Her eyes were like beautiful sapphires. The feelings rushed back to me. I lay down on the sand and she lay next to me. ?I love you with all my heart and I always will.? I said. She did not respond whatsoever her voice did not come. She would not speak, she just nodded. ?Why won?t you speak?? I asked angrily.

As she started to open her mouth my eyes shot open. I had tubes sticking in my arms, something in my throat, heart monitors stuck to me and my head was wrapped in bandage. I could hear the doctors saying ?Oh, he is awake.? As they all smiled at me I looked down at my leg. It was in a cast and I felt a stinging sensation beneath the cast. ?What did you do to me?? I cried out in pain. ?Well when the paramedics found you there was a bone protruding out of your leg.

So we had to push the bone back in install screws and sew up the wound.? He explained. ?Great.? I said. That night as I lay there in the hospital I thought about how my soccer career was over and cried. I then spotted the phone. I dialed Sarah?s number as quick as I could. ?Hi Sarah? I said. ?Hey Drew, why are you calling me it is 1 o?clock in the morning?? She said in a tired voice. ?I got into a little accident? I said. ?I?ll be there in a minute? She said and hung up.

Sarah sat at the end of the hospital bed signing my cast. As she wrote I could feel her other hand touching my foot, her hands were so soft. She then stood up and we stared at each other for what felt like an hour, though it was about thirty seconds. ?When did this happen?? She said with much pity in her voice. ?After I left your house on Saturday.? I said weakly. The nurse walked in and said ?You should get some sleep Drew.? She added ?Is she friend or family?? ?Family? I said. Sarah smiled at these words. She walked over and sat in a chair next to my bed as she ran her fingers through my hair. I looked at Sarah as tears plagued my eyes. Sarah and I knew the words that the other was thinking. These words did not need to be said as she looked at me I could read ?I love you? from her eyes alone. My eyelids started to get droopy and finally they closed.

Again I awoke on the same beach with Sarah by my side. She lay with her head on my chest. I was running my fingers through her hair when all of a sudden she looked at me. Her eyes, those stunning sapphires that pierced my spirit, they shined on me the most striking light ever. This incandescent glow enraptured my body and soul. As we lay in the moonlight we didn?t say a word I just held her hand and cried my eyes out. I don?t know why the tears so readily spouted from my eyes on that beach. ?Sarah, I love you with all my heart? I said. I held my breath waiting for the same words to come from her voice but nothing came. ?I love you Sarah and I always will.? I said this time emphasizing all the words. She just sat there with a sign of love and adoration on her face but she would not say anything. I looked into her bright blue eyes again waiting for her response but she was determined to say nothing.

As I was about to speak again the beach disappeared and again I was back in this hospital with Sarah standing over me. Her smile was infectious. ?I made you eggs Drew? She said. I smiled, she made them scrambled, just the way I loved them. After I ate the eggs I sat staring out the window at the beautiful hospital park. ?Would you like to go outside?? Sarah asked. I nodded. She helped me get dressed. I sat and waited until she got a wheelchair. Five minutes later Sarah walked in with a wheelchair. I got into the chair carefully and Sarah wheeled me through the halls. She brought me through the park very slowly. I absorbed the beautiful sights until we got to the gate and she started to wheel me out. ?Sarah, I?m not allowed to leave the hospital. I?m not checked out.? I said fretfully. ?I did, you are coming to stay with me.? She said as she wheeled me to her car.

When we finally got to Sarah?s house she wheeled me inside. As we entered the main hall I looked up at the ceiling and my jaw dropped in awe. It was all so beautiful. The carving, the Latin inscribed on the wings of angels, it was all so wonderful. Her hand on my shoulder only accented the scene. I felt like a child surrounded by all the best sweets. All this beauty made me quiver with delight. As Sarah wheeled me down the hallway to an ominous looking doorway my heart began to skip beats that hallway sent chills down my spine I felt that something important would happen there.

Sarah wheeled me into a lavishly decorated room. There were draperies running around the bed, depictions of heaven on the ceiling. It was so beautiful. As I looked around more I wheeled into a small room off the side of my room and there was a huge bay window looking out over the lake that lay in my eyesight. ?Sarah, where are your parents?? I asked. ?My dad is always out of town.? She said with a twinge of sadness. ?And my mom is with my Grandma for the next four months? She added. ?Wow, do you guys ever see each other?? I said. ?Barely, it really hurts us.? She said. ?It must.? I responded. Those words ended the conversation and there we lay for the next few hours.

We stared at the ceiling for what seemed like days when they were just hours. I held Sarah?s hand the whole time. Her warmth was everywhere it surrounded us. I thought to myself ?She must be the one. I genuinely love this girl.? As we lay there I felt weak I could do nothing but hold her hand, my body was too tired. My eyelids got heavy and a dream followed.

I laid on that beach that had been in many dreams before. Sarah was there again on that beach with me. I looked at her and all I could do was cry. I knew she would not talk again. What was the meaning in this torture? I just didn?t understand. The silence was telling me something. I awoke from the dream in a cold sweat. It hurt to breathe. As I looked over to Sarah, I saw her eyes. She was awake. Those beautiful eyes made me wonder. How did I ever meet a girl so beautiful? God had granted my wish that I had since I was eleven. To meet a girl who would take me away from the hell that I was trapped in. Sarah did just this. I knew from this moment I would always love her.
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Re: Being Alone(tell Me What You Think)

Post by iHEAVENn » Wed Jan 22, 2003 6:06 am

:) lol i read it shhh im supposed to be doing homework and its 2 in the morning lol i loved it good job! :)
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