My Tribute

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My Tribute

Post by oneforthemoney »

Just mixed feelings ....

-My tribute-

These nights that I cry,

I cry to disappear.

Even in the breaking of my mind,

the pain aching in my chest,

the tears moisten my soul to

a bittersweet tenderness.

I'm a failure

We strive for perfection

To be someone we're not.

We live random lives,

plastered fake grins on our faces.

It's amazing how much I do for you,

Yet, even when it satifies both of us,

It tears me apart to know

that I don't belong to you.

I'm insane - your love drives me to the

edge of definite insanity.

Get out - I can't

They warned me,

I was was warned not to cross

that thin line between love and hate,

I stepped so far into love,

that I can't even hate you anymore.

I can't even hate you

for making me love you so much.

I hate myself for for being so loving.

I seek these days

that I was once a cold hearted freak

I'm so broken,

I have everything I need,

Yet, without you everything becomes obsolete.

Not another love poem

about another lover.

A manifesto or declaration of

leaving this burden of my obsession your door

No worries she said " I won't be ringing you doorbell any time soon"


Well - what can I say - I won't be back for a while.

It's too complicated.

- Tally -

Love you all!
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Re: My Tribute

Post by xxwhereisfredxx »

i really like your poem...kinda depressing! lol........but it still kicks the shit outta anything i write! WHAT?!?!?! you're not coming back for a while........?!?!
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