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Post by Misfit_toy » Sat Jan 18, 2003 3:43 pm

Somewhere in the shadows of desolation

Within encompassing clouds of pain

She envies the light bestowed upon others

As she hides in the darkness of shame

Desperation resonates loudly within

Yet not one soul ever hears her cries

Although she hopes for miraculous salvation

She prepares for spiritual demise

She desperately seeks a place of acceptance

In a world she just can't rise above

She craves stability and understanding

From a world that's denied her of love

Yet no one hears what's beyond her forced silence

Behind which her heart is crying

And no one ever sees beyond the surface

Behind which her soul is dying

She often wishes that she were never born

For she's been shunned from the very start

She was forced into a world of bitterness

In which her dear heart was ripped apart

She's caught in a turbulent storm of anguish

It's a secret she will always hide

For the mask she wears when facing the world

Conceals the torment she feels inside

Yet she holds on to her dreams from deep within

Throughout the turmoil of inner rain

She desperately strains to mend her broken wings

So she can soar above the pain

'Till then she's trapped in a world bereft of warmth

Holding burdens of immense weight

She prays adamently without remission

For fear that salvation will come too late

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