Can I Go Just A Little Crazy Now?!?!

How can this be happening? Why is it always me? Do you ever ask yourself these questions or do you simply want to vent? Do it all here, we'll try to help.

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Can I Go Just A Little Crazy Now?!?!

Post by Kit » Sun Jul 23, 2006 11:35 pm

I'm going to explode...nothing is going right...except my marriage but that's besides the point. Oh yea...Everyone - I GOT MARRIED...everyone can stop iming me asking me why I haven't posted to tell you...:P

But seriously....My sister's boyfriend is an ASS and I hate him but I have to like him cause she says so...

And I just found out that one of my only friends is on crystal meth...How do I take that? By exploding like I am now...

And I'm tierd of everyone looking at me like I'm stupid cause I only talk using sign language and cause I can barely walk on my own....You wanna know how someone talked to me today? "" Then turns to my husband and asks if I'm retarded....HELLO!!! I HAVE EARS THAT WORK PERFECTLY FINE!!!!

I'm I not being reasonable here or am I really going nuts?
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Re: Can I Go Just A Little Crazy Now?!?!

Post by Phoenyxrose » Mon Jul 24, 2006 12:11 am

Congratualations on your marriage, hun. I defintely understand where you're coming from. And as far as your sister and her boyfriend goes, if you don't like him, you don't. There's nothing she can do to change your mind and she sure can't force you to like him. Just try to be civil. And if he is that big of an ass, she'll see it eventually. Just to ignore him if you can.

People are ignorant. Everyone has some ignorance in them but others insist on making it known. You can't let yourself get that worked up over people. I look at it this way. You just got married. Just think about that. When things get like that just stop and think: 'Well, I've come this far. I just got married.' Trust me, you'll get to the point where you'll just roll your eyes and go on about your way and brush those type of people off.

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Re: Can I Go Just A Little Crazy Now?!?!

Post by turtbub » Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:12 pm

Congratulations on getting married! :)

I'm so sorry about your sister's boyfriend, but sometimes people we love choose people we DON'T love for themselves. I'm not the biggest fan of my own sister's boyfriend, but she is absolutely crazy about him so I keep my opinions to myself. Don't lie to your sister or tell her you like him when you don't, but don't put him down or tell her she's wrong to be with him. At the end of the day, it's her life. And you have to be supportive. Even when it's hard.

As for the crystal meth...that's terrible. I guess my only advice there is to just sit your friend down and explain to her that what she's doing is so dangerous and bad for her, it's a terrible choice. But again, it's her life, and it's her choice. So unless you want to report her to the police (which you could), you just need to try to talk her down from this.

And yuck. People are idiots. I hope your husband punched that guy in the face. Well, not really, because I hope your husband is a bigger person than that, but that's what I would have felt like doing! You can't let people like that get to you. They're jerks and idiots and they aren't worth your time or bother. You are fantastic, a fantastic girl, and who cares what anyone else thinks? That's the truth.

:hug: Take care of yourself, you hear?

Love, Hannah
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