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Why Can't I Accept It?

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 9:53 pm
by Shortie
Ugh. So let me start by saying that I can't accept compliments.

I'm not the skinniest of girls, I mean I have thunder thighs and massice calf muscles and yes, they ARE all muscle. But my tummy, well, it likes to budlge - alot.

I have days when I think my face looks pretty, others when I don't.

I'mr eally concerned about my body most.

Theres a boy (who you can read ALL about in Relasionships :rolleyes: ) who likes to tell me I'm "hot" or whatever. Or that on my grad night I looked really good. And it's not only when he says it but when anyone says a compliment, I can't accept it.

I once heard someone say "Others can't love you until you love yourself."

What can I do?

Re: Why Can't I Accept It?

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 12:10 pm
by sbloemeke
Well, one thing you definately COULD do is find out someone's opinion without them knowing that you will be the end receiver. Probably working with a friend, going onto their IM, and IMing someone else to ask what they think of your appearences. That will get you a straight out honest opinion. (I don't have one, since I've never seen you before. :)). But, that may or may not be the best idea. Be careful though. See a doctor before you decide to go onto any diet or exercise plan.

If your friend is giving you a compliment, it is almost normal to brush it off. It's humbleness, so I congratulate you on that. But instead of that, thank him for it. He'll appreciate it much more, for it is almost like returning the favor. Or, if you want to really get him complimented, maybe say "I don't know, but definately NOT as hot as you are!" and give a cutesy smile. Generally, it is hard to receive a compliment. But, it is better to receive it than to deny it for the other's sake.


Re: Why Can't I Accept It?

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 7:32 am
by Nikki
do you ever give compliments to the others? like, when you think a guy has a nice suit or some girl's hair is pretty? If not, try doing it, try seein the smile on their face when you do, and you'll see the way they react on it and you'll begin doing the same. And yea, whenever someone gives you a compliment, just say 'thank you' and smile, there's nothing simpler than this.