Why I Hate Ignorant Fuckers

How can this be happening? Why is it always me? Do you ever ask yourself these questions or do you simply want to vent? Do it all here, we'll try to help.

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Face Smasher
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Why I Hate Ignorant Fuckers

Post by Face Smasher » Tue May 30, 2006 5:50 pm

OK, so I'm in a chat room, and this happens..... I'm pissed at how ignorant people are.

ecrepit_Corpse] haha

[Face_Smasher] lmao

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] rush are gods

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] hey mutilated

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] i was playing my buddies new JSX 120w combo

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] peavey all tube

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] the best amp i have ever played

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] 2 -grand

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] but nice

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] killer tone

[Mutilated1] cool

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] no pedals needed

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] the gain is perfect

[Mutilated1] There is a guy about an hour away from here

[Mutilated1] he builds custom boutique tube amps

[Face_Smasher] cool

[Mutilated1] high gain, snakeskin covers,

[Mutilated1] really top-end kind of stuff

[Face_Smasher] awesome

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] you linked me once

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] john

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] his site

[Mutilated1] yeah I don't remember where it was though

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] oh

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] yeah

[Mutilated1] just that I think maybe I found it on eBay

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] \im gonna take pics of my gear this week

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] and post it

[Mutilated1] and that his store is in Tuscalloosa

[Mutilated1] well guys I have to go cut the grass

[Mutilated1] see you later

[Face_Smasher] cya

Mutilated1 is known as wardepartment

[wardepartment] hiya

[Face_Smasher] Hi Tanya

[Face_Smasher] 'sup?

[wardepartment] oh nothing much

[wardepartment] just watchin Jerry Springer

[Face_Smasher] cool, cool

[wardepartment] John just turned it off :(

[Livergrinder] hi Tanya!

[wardepartment] hi Susanna

[Face_Smasher] Vile Suffering and RDC are being shy lol j/k

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] oh susanna wont you cry for me

[Livergrinder] hahaha

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] ill be commin round the bla bla with a banjo on my kneee

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] susanna - what a sexy name

[Livergrinder] lol

[Livergrinder] thanx

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] hehe

[wardepartment] yay he just turned my tv back on

[Face_Smasher] rdc, I got Reign in Blood yesterday

[Face_Smasher] Fucking awesome album

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] ohhh

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] whats your fav track dude

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] cool face

[Face_Smasher] Either Postmortem or Raining Blood

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] ok

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] i like reborn

[Face_Smasher] They're all awesome

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] the best

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] face

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] read the lyrics

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] nothing will ever touch those lyrics

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] ever

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] follow each tune with the lyrics sheet

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] omg

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] heven

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] heaven

[Face_Smasher] *goes to darklyrics.com, as he is too lazt to get the CD booklet

[Face_Smasher] Yeah, it does rule

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] holy crap there are alot of skantily cladd dressed woman walking around todayt

[Face_Smasher] Necrophobic's kinda hard to follow though, because its so fast

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] wowzqa

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] i know

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] araya in his day

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] i know

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] its something special

[Face_Smasher] Is there any vocalist faster than Araya?

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] jerry jerry jerry jerry\

[wardepartment] YES

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] no nothing

[wardepartment] lol

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] nothing

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] hello tanya

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] another sexy name

[wardepartment] hello ROb

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] i dont know of a song wiht tanya in it

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] im thinking

[wardepartment] lol

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] nope

[wardepartment] John makes up songs with my name in it all the time

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] darn

[wardepartment] lol

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] awww

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] what a buttercup he is'

[wardepartment] he sings something with Tanya in it every day

[wardepartment] lol

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] really??

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] thats love

[wardepartment] yeah

[wardepartment] he always has

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] cool

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] my wife isnt so lucky

[wardepartment] lol

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] haha'

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] what about a song for patrick

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] can't think of anything

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] darn

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] ok guys

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] im off like panties

[Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse] see ya

[wardepartment] bye Rob

Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse has left the chat.

[Livergrinder] well...going to sleep soon..

[Face_Smasher] corpse213 must have wrote one about me

[wardepartment] aww leaving so soon Susanna

[wardepartment] ?

[Vile_suffering] hello folks

[Livergrinder] yes, but it's 11: 25 pm

[wardepartment] aww well I will miss you

[wardepartment] :)

[Livergrinder] and have to do some housework tomorrow

[Livergrinder] :)

[Face_Smasher] In the "face smasher" thread, he said that he was listening to a song called "Face Smasher is a F****t"

[Face_Smasher] But that's in the past

[Vile_suffering] lol

[Vile_suffering] i love corpse

[Livergrinder] night all!!!

[Livergrinder] ;)

[wardepartment] good night

[Vile_suffering] good night liver grinder

Livergrinder has left the chat.

[Face_Smasher] Well, he said that I should kill myself and that I don't have any real friends, and those that seem like my friends are really just sorry for me because of my cleft lip/allet...

[Face_Smasher] That's not cool at all

[Face_Smasher] *palate

[Vile_suffering] i think it's pretty funny... do you really care what he thinks?

[Face_Smasher] Hell no

[Vile_suffering] exactly

[Vile_suffering] so its all pretty irrelevant just bust his balls back

[Face_Smasher] That was a few months ago...

[Face_Smasher] It's eyehategod who harasses me

[Face_Smasher] He's the one who told me to "go listen to your Shinedown and Korn and kill yourself"

[Vile_suffering] hahaha

[Vile_suffering] shinedown sucks

[Vile_suffering] korn is tolerable

[Face_Smasher] I like Shinedown's vocals...

[Face_Smasher] Listen to them then listen to Green Day and tell me who has more vocal talent

[Face_Smasher] Green Day is the worst band ever

[Vile_suffering] your a faggot 8)

[Face_Smasher] No, I'm bisexual

[Vile_suffering] ide rather listen to cannibal and slayer

[Vile_suffering] really?

[Face_Smasher] So would I, but I listen too Shinedown and Korn too

[Face_Smasher] Kinda.

[Face_Smasher] I wouldn't fuck a guy. That's just nasty

[Vile_suffering] do you kiss boys?

[Face_Smasher] Uh no.

[wardepartment] well that's what a bi sexual is you fool

[Vile_suffering] how are you bi than

[Face_Smasher] I find some guys to be attractive

[Vile_suffering] bi means you fool around with boys and girls dumb ass

[Vile_suffering] that doesnt mean your bi

[Vile_suffering] that just means your on the verge of becoming a homo lol

[Face_Smasher] I'm not a dumb ass...

[Face_Smasher] I was just misimfoemed

[Face_Smasher] I;m WAY more attracted to girls though

[Vile_suffering] good call

[Vile_suffering] me too

[Vile_suffering] ;)

[wardepartment] John wants the pc back talk to you all later

[Face_Smasher] K

[Vile_suffering] peace

wardepartment is known as Mutilated1

[Face_Smasher] Hi John.

[Vile_suffering] hello

[Mutilated1] hi

[Mutilated1] so you're saying you're attracted to girls, but you like guys to fuck you ?

[Vile_suffering] lol

[Vile_suffering] smasher just told me that he likes boys

[Face_Smasher] Uh no.

[Vile_suffering] pickle smoocher

[Face_Smasher] I like girls way way more.

[Vile_suffering] almost as much as cock?

[Mutilated1] oh so you like girls more, you're just curious about how a dick feels in your ass ?

[Vile_suffering] lol

[Mutilated1] just teasing PaTRICK

[Vile_suffering] or is it that you love to get reamed but you don't know how to come out?

[Vile_suffering] just take advice from cyber demon

[Mutilated1] HEHE

[Face_Smasher] I guess I have this kind of a romantic feeling for some guys...

[Mutilated1] eww

[Face_Smasher] I don't have sexual feelings though

[Vile_] put that on a list of things you shouldnt tell people

[Vile_suffering] do you masturbate to dudes?

[Face_Smasher] No, it has nothing to do with sex

[Vile_suffering] damnit john how to do quote or copy paste chat rooms?

[Face_Smasher] You're kind of ignorant

[Vile_suffering] shut up faggot

[Mutilated1] there is no need for that

[Vile_suffering] im not ignorant i just like to gay bash

[Vile_suffering] because i am superior

[Mutilated1] so like "romantic with guys" - you mean you like to hold hands and cuddle ?

[Vile_suffering] the power of poon compells me

[Face_Smasher] Listen, just because I am attracted to a couple of guys doesn't mean that I'm attracted to all guys

[Mutilated1] uh ok

[Face_Smasher] Uh yeah

[Mutilated1] so what do these guys think about it ?

[Vile_suffering] dude all it takes is one guy

[Face_Smasher] They don't mind

[Mutilated1] cause they're gay ?

[Mutilated1] or cause they don't know

[Face_Smasher] Liking guys does not always equal completely gay

[Vile_suffering] ...

[Face_Smasher] lots of people are bi

[Vile_suffering] dude your either straight or your not

[Vile_suffering] simple as sin

[Mutilated1] bi is worse than gay

[Face_Smasher] I'm more straight than gay, OK...

[Mutilated1] gay people are confused and like the wrong thing

[Mutilated1] bi people just don't care what they fuck

[Vile_suffering] lol

[Face_Smasher] I just thought of somethuing

playcorpse_1.3.8. has joined the chat.

[Mutilated1] hi play

[Vile_suffering] yes anal beads make you a fag

[Vile_suffering] yo playcorpse

[Face_Smasher] *in all caps* maybe it's TOO early TO really know what i AM!

[playcorpse_1.3.8.] hi

[Vile_suffering] that is so incredibly gay.

[Face_Smasher] I'M only 14 YOU fucking nigger

[Vile_suffering] lol

[Mutilated1] Face - that is what the homos want you to believe

[playcorpse_1.3.8.] what the hell are you talkin about?

[Face_Smasher] Oh shit, I said that?

[Mutilated1] they're gonna get you confused

[Vile_suffering] first off im caucasion, second off...go suck a dick faggot

[Mutilated1] and before you know it you're going to have some dudes dick in your mouth and liking it

[Vile_suffering] lol

[Vile_suffering] this is my only advice

[Mutilated1] better be careful

[Vile_suffering] if you do take it in the ass wear protection

[Vile_suffering] but if your planning to be a gay work out so that your not the submissive bitch

[playcorpse_1.3.8.] gay is just the one who gets fucked ...

[Vile_suffering] according to the romans

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Re: Why I Hate Ignorant Fuckers

Post by Jaegermeister » Tue May 30, 2006 10:48 pm

never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" --OSB

"Be who you are and be that well" --St Francis de Sales.

Suaviter et fortiter

Bunches of love Xena.

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Re: Why I Hate Ignorant Fuckers

Post by Nikki » Wed May 31, 2006 5:51 am

never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

totally agreed
God kicked in the head so I started a fight, coz I knew I was right! But I learned I was wrong...

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