What Belongs In Family/friends?

Are you having trouble with your family or friends? Please talk it out with us.

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What Belongs In Family/friends?

Post by Shwynsh » Sun Jun 27, 2004 2:58 pm

I'm just making a new topic - adding on to Adnama's old pinned topic:


Relationships is for every thing that has any thing to do with boyfriend/girlfriend problems. Every thing.

Family/friends is for every thing that DOSNT have to do with boyfriend/girlfriend problems, and DOES have to do well... family and friends.

Time to play, "realtionships or family/friends"!

"i hate my mom! All she wants to do is controll my life!"

-Easy one, right here in family and friends.

"My best friend is going out with my ex! How can she do that to me?"

-A little harder, that one belongs in family/friends as it is asking for help with your BEST FRIEND not your BOYFRIEND. (tricky one :P )

"i have no friends at school!"

-Easy again, right here.

"I cant get any girls to like me, i dont know whats wrong, i mean i'm a great guy and all... how can i get girls to like me?"

-Relationships once more.

Ok, i think you get the picture. Every one watch for topic placement please



"My best friend is moving- I'm really upset because she was the best friend I ever had. I'm just venting"

-Why Me since its not asking for specific advice on the topic of HOW to deal with a friend.

"All my friends are turning against me! What should I do?"

-Right here: Family/Friends.

"My grandpa died. I can't believe it!."

-Why Me- since you're grieving about this, it would belong in the Why Me forum.

If any mods don't agree with this, then PM me, and if any members have any questions PM me, CessHawk, or Beautiful.

Thank you :)
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