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My Friends' Bullies

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:37 pm
by emilikee123
My best friend is half deaf. He talks kind of weird and is hard to understand for some people. I just want to punch his bullies in the face. Whenever my friend goes up in front of the class to do a presentation, these two guys ( who are in my class because they were held back) always pick on him and makes comments. The teacher does nothing to stop them. It breaks my heart and makes me cringe to think that other people pick on someone because they are different. It sucks! I know enough karate and pressure points to beat these guys down and take them off of their high horses but i will surely get in trouble if I do. One of them is just an annoying slacker in need of a better vocabulary. The other one is a football player who I honestly think I can take. I keep from screaming at them to shut up but I don't know how much longer I can keep my mouth shut.

My other friend who I have known since third grade, tends to lose his temper. For example, something was due by the end of the class period and my friend was done with it but the computer did not want to send his email. He started freaking out because he didn't want to fail. He had done the work. I had already emailed mine and I got up to help him. The teacher was NOT helping. He kept telling him to hurry up and pressuring him. My friend does NOT work good under pressure. He got up and stormed out. I went on and tried to send the email because we had a pep rally and I did not think that was very important. The teacher kept saying for me to leave it, it was my friends problem. I really wanted to help but that teacher is a jerk!!! It won't look good when everyone fails his class ( except me) he gives us deadlines that none of us can make. He acts as if his class is the only one we will ever have homework for. It pisses me off.

That same kid blew up in a different class and that teacher handled it so much better. My friend started cursing. The teacher told him calm down. He did for a minute until he had to read another part of the Iliad. The teacher told him to stay after class. My friend started getting mad and cursed at the book and at the kid who kept butting in. The teacher told him to go to the office. My friend said that he would read it in the library. The teacher followed him out of the room and calmed him down a couple notches. The teacher then told him to go to the office. then my friend complied.

If only the biology teacher could have been as nice as the English teacher. If only everyone would stop picking on kids with special needs.

Re: My Friends' Bullies

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:38 am
by Kittze
Ah, I know what that is like. People like the ones picking fun at your def friend have issues in themselves. I'm not saying it's okay, but at the same time they most likely hate themselves for failing in the first place and need a target to distract people from realizing how insecure they are. These type of people don't do well outside of high school. It's kind of sad.

I had a girl in one of my classes who was just plain mean. And one day she was making fun of another girl in my class. Saying she was too poor and couldnt even shower. When the teacher left the room She went up to the black board and drew a picture of a pile of poo and wrote the girls name over it. Her and her friends laughed. I calmly went up to the board and erased it. as I walked by her desk I told her to grow up. No one had ever stood up to her before. And she shut up. The point of my story is you can stand up to these guys...but dont lower yourself to their level. Fighting won't help, yelling won't help. I suggest, talking to the teacher after class and letting them know how upset it makes you to see them get away with talking like they do. If that doesnt work, do you have a school counselor you can talk to ? when they make fun of your friend, you can say things back like, " could you guys be quiet I'm trying to pay attention to the presentation.and no one is laughing at your cruelty towards my friend." Don''t get too riled up though...they thrive of that reaction. As for the teacher who can not handle your friend is it possible for him to talk to someone in the school about it? I had a teacher who thought I was some kind of rebel based on what I wore. And she would not help me. She made stupid remarks about me being away when I was sick, suggesting that I was just skipping her class even if I had a note. I was failing, when I asked her for help she told me I should lay off the drugs and pay attention....I did not do drugs.

So I went to the principal and she had me moved to another class. It's hard...not all grown ups give kids the respect and understanding they need. But some do, seek them out and they will help you. You seem like a person who has their head on right. I hope I may have helped in some way.

Re: My Friends' Bullies

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:44 pm
by emilikee123
Thanks. :) well spoken. My friends and i talk a lot now about these things. i will often point out to the teacher when he is being a jerk. If they blow up, i go try and calm them down. The teacher just sits back. I think I should be the one getting paid because i literally teach my math class. We had a review and people didnt ask the teacher questions, they went straight to me. 
BTW, the annoying slacker went to jail for something. The football player is actually a nice guy. He was trying to impress the other guy. 
I recorded that teacher and if he pushes me, i will leak the recording to the principal.
People are getting used to us outsiders. They are starting to figure out that they cant change us...