DEBATE: Do the Obese Deserve Two seats for the Price of One on an Airplanes?

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DEBATE: Do the Obese Deserve Two seats for the Price of One on an Airplanes?

Post by CanadaCraig » Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:53 pm

Hi Everyone!! :)

I hope you're OK.

To start this new DEBATE in the 'Chit Chat' thing going - I ask you...

Do YOU think that the obese deserve two seats for the price of one on an airplane?

The Supreme Court of Canada says .... YES!!

I say.... NO.

Click on ... 6920081120 to read the story.

And the reason I say 'no' is because it will cause unnecessary resentment of the very overweight. A resentment that they do NOT need. Overweight people are already looked down upon by many in society. To single them out - legally - as being 'different' and therefore worthy of special considerations - is a step in the wrong direction. And besides - as a person who has always had a weight problem [Although never to the point of requiring two seats on anything] I would be embarrassed to be given a seat for FREE because of my size. Besides - what are they going to do? Measure bums to see if they meet the requirement?!

What do you say?!


Craig!! :)
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Re: DEBATE: Do the Obese Deserve Two seats for the Price of One on an Airplanes?

Post by Spitfire » Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:36 am

This is hard for me because I understand both sides of this situation. I think ultimately though, I do agree with Craig. To single out somebody based on their body type is like making a boy pay more for car insurance than a girl (WAIT, THAT ALREADY HAPPENS TOO!?!). But I do understand that an obese person, first of all, may require more room than smaller people. But, perhaps this could be accommodated by turning, for instance, a 3 seat row into a 2 seat row for special needs. I know this would also be in a way singling out passengers, but it'd be doing so less than charging the passenger for two seats!

Im not sure on the exact physics of a plane, but I'd also imagine that a plane with 100 morbidly obese people may cost more to fly across the country than a plane with 100 skinny people. In this case, Im not sure if it is a substantial amount, or a large enough amount to make a price difference based on weight justifiable or not, but if that is the situation it would not be fair to the skinny person to be paying as much to propel a larger mass around the world. However I personally believe that that is something that should be taken into concideration when determining the profit margins that are expected to be made and have ALL ticket prices adjusted accordingly.

I say no, an obese person should pay as much for airfare as a non-obese person!
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