Fashion Idustry Rant

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Fashion Idustry Rant

Post by FranklinF » Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:36 am

ok so i went to walmart today, needed some pants for work, we get a set of scrubs and three polo tees with company logos on them, and we have to wear tan or black pants with them. all is good i think walmart theyve usually got decent selection. low and behold no.

I am a size 15/16 Tall, i have hips (partly due to genetics and partly cause i had a kid.) I am fine with my body most days, yes i could loose some weight but it generally wouldnt help out my pant size, as my hips are naturally wider.

this is not my point

i go to the dickies section in the womens department. look and look finally find a fifteen in black that upon taking off the rack already made me depressed, it looks nothing like a fifteen.

think well maybe its just in my head sometimes my depth preception is bad. take it to the dressing room try it on the things barely got over my butt, and there wasnt any prayer in the world that could make them zip up or button.

what is with the worlds need to make women feel fat?

i sent this message to the Dickies Co. via thier website. ofcourse it will fall on deaf ears, but i had to get it out

"So I went to walmart today to buy some pants for work. I think dickies would be perfect. I am a size 15/16 in most clothes. But your pants fit like a 10. Why is it that your company feels the need to size down actual sizes? There are people in the world that are not fat that technically should be able to walk into a store without going to the plus size section and get the actual size they are. Thank you for contributing to the eating disorder epidimic."

just thought i would share. i hate the fashion industry
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