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Needing Help and Advice from Texas

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:36 pm
by cousineddie
Good Morning! I'm needing some insight/advice about how to help my teenage step-daughter. Just to give you some background, my wife suffers from Bi-Polar and depression and it's fairly obvious that her 14 year old daughter does as well. My wife's ex-husband never helped or even acknowledged my wife's condition throughout their marriage and simply told her she was crazy. He is now doing the same with the kids. Her 14 year old daughter is reaching out to us for help and it's tearing up my wife because her ex (who has legal custody of their daughter) refuses to let her get the help she needs. He'll take her to the psychiatrist (so long as he's in the room) and will let her get prescribed medication for depression but refuses to let her get treated for much less diagnosed for Bi-polar. Since he has legal custody and provides her insurance, what can we do to help her? Where can we turn to? Thanks for any help or suggestions.