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counselor on campus.

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:10 pm
by Rivv
i get a note that tells me to go to her office last friday and i'm all freaking out because i never made any appointment.

and it doesn't help that i took shitloads of ritalin just 45 minutes before. So it was kicking in and i was all jumpy.

she had the advantage of getting me to talk. and I made her cry.

its her fault because she's the one who asked about my relationship with my parents. i flat out told her that my mom and i hate eachother and i haven't talked to my dad in over 4 years. now she wants to see me every fuckin week.

sure i know i can use someone to talk to. but what if i say too much and everything blows up in my face? I'm always scared that i'll cross that line where she has the right to break that confidentialty code and call CPS or something.

she gave me this thing to give to angel so she can sign it. and angel refuses to sign it. she's also afraid that i'll say something and blahblahblah.

ughhh. sorry this is so boring and ranty. i've just been having a bad weekend/thisweek.